THURSDAY 25 may To Toulouse, Noelle Versaveau -Gautier, corresponding Europe & Relationships International, and Viviane Driquez, project manager in Toulon Foch, organized a meeting dedicated to the enhancement of the skills of seniors thanks to innovative actions driven by the teams of Pole job.

After a experimentation conducted in beginning of year by Viviane Drick For promote THE apps mobile Pôle emploi with seniors, the aim was to bring together companies, partners and job seekers employment opportunities for seniors in the Toulon area and to promote the service offer of Pôle emploi around digital skills and innovative methods such as potential detection or mobility european To through OUR device Erasmus+ Euromobility.

Of the round tables For swap

THE speakers have could swap around of three themes :

THE seniors, of the assets For the company with THE testimonials of four companies ;

The challenge of developing the digital skills of seniors with the intervention of Pôle emploi on THE apps mobiles And experimentation In THE frame of To Switch And For to present THE services of development of the SKILLS digital, CHALLENGE 83 And there Media library Chalucet Who present of one example inclusion social for the " GOOD to get old ".

THE others challenges of innovation At service of the SKILLS of the seniors with there presentation of Detection of potential, THE helmets of VR etc…, Engineering (Soft Skills/ VSI), Journey THE world South East For to land there mobility european And THE device Erasmus+ And Finally THE Companies Ephemera.

THE contributions of partners And companies engaged on THE territory*, Thus that of the applicants

employment eager of bear witness of the profits of our services In their journey towards employment have demonstrated that together he East possible of TO DO evolve there culture of the ages of market of work

At the end of the morning, in which some thirty job seekers took part, the exchanges permit of spot of the SKILLS, of the knowledge TO DO, A capital of expertise future at the house of THE applicants senior jobs. So many assets and potentials for companies in the Toulon Provence region Mediterranean, in answer to tensions of recruitment.

This stock East a declination concrete of project European TO SWITCH** of which Pole job Paca East partner.

Registered In THE frame of " Attractive Month of Europe », the event toulon illustrated therebilization

of Pole job Paca in so much that actor major of " 2023, year european of the SKILLS

» sustained actively by THE Ministry of work.

* VARSEF, TVT Innovation, ECORECEPT, BAND BONIFAY, THE Cnam (Conservatory national of the arts And professions), Ephemeral Companies, DEFI83, Ingeneria Project, the Chalucet Media Library as well as Journey THE World South East.

**THE project European TO SWITCH (TOwards Senior Workers innovative Training Challenges) regroup of the actors of employment And of there training derived of 7 country Europeans. The objective East improve innovative training practices to develop digital skills audiences seniors.