To Switch

TOwards Senior Workers' Innovative Training CHallenges

The project

Eight European partners from seven countries collaborate in the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 program - Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices - for the implementation of the TO SWITCH project "TOwards Senior Workers' Innovative Training CHallenges". The project aims at creating three intellectual outputs (IO) for the innovation and improvement of training processes as well as updating trainers and professionals involved in the training of adult workers, in particular those over 50.

the challenges

The project responds to the challenges posed by work contexts characterized on the one hand by profound changes linked to the digitization of work and the demand for new skills and, on the other, by the extension of working life and the growing share of senior workers in the world of work . The urgency of supporting lifelong learning and training of mature workers is now widely recognized and also the focus on the mechanisms and motivations for learning and work that change with age.
These dynamics also heavily affect the processes of economic development or territorial recession and the relations between the Public Administration and citizens.

the solution

To counter the consequences of this phenomenon, the role of trainers and all those involved in supporting the strengthening of skills and the retraining of senior workers in working and non-working contexts is very important.
The role of trainers is essential to support motivation and learning skills, mitigating the decline in workability and improving the contribution that older workers can make in work organizations and society in general.
In this framework, To SWITCH proposes a path to strengthen the role and skills of trainers and coaches of senior workers, to achieve the following results.


  • Expansion of knowledge and development of a new conceptual and methodological framework for the training of senior workers and, more generally throughout the life span, adapting the andragogic model to technological changes, to the relevance of training oriented to the PS-TRE, the role of work contexts, the skills (formal, non-formal and informal) of workers and senior workers and their motivations and learning methods.
  • Activation of a "Permanent Laboratory on Active Aging" which mainly involves strategic aspects. The laboratory will be activated by the Autonomous Province of Trento and will be open to all European, national and local actors interested in the aging of the active population and in training actions aimed at this change.
  • Implementation of a digital platform for the training of trainers. The objective of the digital platform is on the one hand to define the contents of the models, methodologies, tools and practices for the training of senior workers, and on the other hand to create training courses for senior workers.
  • Sharing guidelines for training and updating senior workers' trainers on the basis of a new conceptual methodological reference framework.
  • Definition of the professional profiles of trainers and other figures involved in the training of senior workers to be tested and validated
  • Development of specific training courses for trainers of senior workers