On 25th February 2022 an online meeting took place virtually. 20 participants attended the online meeting.

The LP welcomed the participants and updated about management and financial issues (Progress report approval, request of 2nd financing, possibility to catch up mobilities in the next meetings in persons).

The external evaluator illustrated the annual assessment report which highlighted a positive feedback and gave some suggestions for the next working months.

Then, AONTAS introduced a warm up activity: all partners sent a picture of some art that is special to their city. AONTAS showed a drat newsletter asking partners what they would like to promote/ disseminate. The following topics will be integrated in the newsletter: extract of the executive summary of the IO1, news about the ME in Milano, events organized by partners (if available).

With relation to the next Multiplier event 1, that will be held online (in Italian) on 3rd March in the afternoon, IRS described the agenda. Partners are invited to the event (not compulsory).

As last topic, UNIZAR presented the drat agenda of the TPM that is planned for the end of March (30-31 March). The Multiplier event (2) expected to be organized back-to-back to the meeting was