On 16th December there was the last online meeting of 2022 for the project with the partecipation of 12 people. 

Partners presented their local experimentation so far WP4 – IO3:

Seniornett: organized a workshop on 29 November in Oslo, involving 10 trainers of Seniornett. The use of the platform was highlighted, best practices and a repository of courses was created.

AONTAS: involved 10 adult learners with diffulties, organized lessons on the platform including audio/viedo/quiz 

Pole Emploi: the focus was on job seekers with difficulties in digital skills. 10 volounteers were involved and physical meetings were held to show the users the app for mobile phones – user friendly and downloadable for free. The content of the app will be put in the platform.

UNIZAR: 3 companies were involved -safety /HR- and tools for a bettere management of cricital management were provided.

ANC will contribute to the Guidelines with a dedicated section (1/2 pages) highlighting points of the model linked to selfassessment (eg. How to train, tools), deepening some aspect of the European CV, country specific aspects will be put in an annex.