A dissemination seminar at the Trentino level to present Erasmus + To Switch project on age management and active aging in which the Autonomous Province of Trento is the lead partner.

The Autonomous Province of Trento as lead partner of Erasmus + To Switch project has organized on 16 December 2020 from 3.00 pm to 5.00 p. m. a  Regional web meeting opened to the Trentino public, for the presentation and dissemination at the local level of the To Switch project.

The web meeting meeting opened with the institutional greetings of the General Manager of the UMST Coordination of local authorities, territorial and mountain policies Giovanni Gardelli who expressed the strong sense of community, cooperation and cohesion as intrinsic values ​​in the Trentino territory which represents a reach floor compared to other Italian or European realities for the development of the To Switch project.

The seminar continued with the intervention of Mr. Luciano Galetti project manager of the To Switch project for the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Mr. Galetti gave a brief overview of the Italian and provincial framework in terms of aging population and age management tools. In this context, Trentino is halfway between the European countries most sensitive to the issue of active aging such as Denmark and Norway.

In this context the senior workers are deinfed as subjects who are suffering an inexorable decline in their workability and, on the other hand, a contraction of their perception of the quality / usefulness of their actions and their skills. For this reason, it is really  important to act towards senior workers not only by recovering skills and knowledge but also motivation and self-esteem.

For this reason, To Switch project has the primary objective to define the figure of the trainer of senior workers and in particular of the over-50s as a key element to guarantee an effective response to the issue of age management for mature workers.

To reach these results, the project is divided into three macro phases.

During the first, the methodologies and good practices of the trainers of senior workers in the different European contexts involved in the project will be analyzed. In the second phase, specific paths will be developed for the training of trainers for senior workers also through the construction and enhancement of a digital platform dedicated to them. Finally, during the last phase, the guidelines for training and updating the trainers for senior workers will be  created  and they will based on a new methodological framework. In the ending phase the model  will be tested on the real field with the involvement of all partners and also companies, trade unions, training agencies, interprofessional funds and trainers .

The scientific referent of the project, Francesco Marcaletti of the University of Zaragoza,  also made a presentation during the regional web meeting, speaking about "New paradigms of intervention in favor of active aging and age management - the challenges faced with the transnational project" .

The public present showed great interest in the aims of the project and there was a strong dipsonilbility by the Trentino stakeholders to collaborate in the project and for the promotion, local and territorial development of the project actions.