On 22nd October 2021 the fourth Steering Committee meeting took place virtually and not in Milan (Italy) due to COVID-19 and the state of emergency.

25 participants attended the online meeting.

IRS welcomed the participants and started a round table collecting partners’ feedback on the first version of the IO1. Partners agreed on the high quality of the document and suggested to integrate the documents with a glossary, an executive chapter plus more graphs and schemes. Partners will be asked to send any suggestions in the next days (by the end of November) also by email. In this way, the first draft document was validated.

During the first part of the meeting, UNIZAR and IRS presented the proposed model. The two main challenges are: develop an adult learning model applicable to all types of adult trainings and identify a model fitting to adult trainers. A round table on the topic collected inputs by all partners that will be took into consideration in the document. Many underlined the importance of motivation, of the use of interactive methods and the fact that older learner groups are heterogenous.

The second part of the meeting UNIZAR and IRS presented the preliminary features of the trainers’ profile based on the analysis provided in the report. Partners gave their feedbacks and suggestion for integration. Using mentimer app most of the partners suggested soft skills as core competences since the trainer should have a social dimension, namely a sense of community in order to understand learners’ needs and their motivation. Switzerland proposed also to ask trainers and consider their experience, also indicated their materials https://alice.ch/en/teaching-as-a-profession/tot-documents/ . France suggested to organize labs to test strategies and see how to be pragmatic by teaching also because the labour market changes constantly.

Based on the contributions emerged during the meeting both the model and trainers’ profile will be finalized and included in the final version of IO1, expected by the end of the year. This final version of the IO1 will be validated in a dedicated meeting to be fixed in the next weeks.

The meeting has also the aim to launch the activities related to WP3, namely the development of the platform Digital learning and sharing platform for trainers and senior workers” (IO2). During the third part of the meeting functions and structure of the platform were illustrated by UNIZAR, as well as which tools should be included in the platform. The content of the platform will be tested during the pilot training course in Trento.

The meeting closed with the approval of the updated Quality assessment plan and the presentation by PAT of the next steps according to the GANNT along with some financial aspects to be fulfilled by partner before the end of 2021.