On 30 and 31 March 2022 the partners of the Erasmus + To Switch project met in Zaragoza, Spain for the first transnational meeting in person. All project partners were present.

During the meeting the lead partner briefly presented the work done and the future activities to the partners, clarifying any residual doubts.
Prof. Marcaletti and his collegue Tatiana Iniguez of the University of Zaragoza briefly summarized the IO1 linked to the new andragogic model and the parts added to the documents.

During the meeting, the structure of the platform for trainers, its sections and what it should contain was illustrated in detailed.

The development of the platform and the collection of materials from the partners already started in Autumn 2021 and will last until June 2022 when the 3-day staff training takes place in Trento, in person.

The platform intends to provide core examples / modules of courses that need to be customized by local partners in their local contexts.

All the platform sections were reviewed and and it was discussed which tools still need to be improved and / or are missing. Partners are encouraged to double-check them and provide additional materials.

Finally the partners discussed the usefulness of the tools and which materials / other tools the platform could benefit from and which ones have not yet been identified, as for example the EPALE platform.